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Blocked Drains East Sussex /Drain Repairs

East Sussex Drain Repairs

There are many different ways of clearing blocked drains from the chemical you can buy in your local hardware and discount stores to calling in a professional plumber. If you are working with blocked drains at home the chemicals will often take care of a simple blockage such as a hair clog or grease buildup from kitchen waters.

If your problem is much more heavy duty there are really only two real ways to clear out this type of blockage and they are best addressed by a professional. The processes are using a high pressure water jet of water or a form of electro-mechanical cleaning to break the blockage free and clear out your drain to get your waste water flowing freely again.

By far, the fastest way to clear out most blocked drains is to use the high pressure water jet, however this can be messy. With this method a continuous stream of water under extremely high pressure is fired at the blockage, which then slowly breaks the blockage down and blasts the debris out of the pipe until it is cleared out and flowing properly.

East Sussex Blocked Drains

We carry out all aspects of drain repairs.

Excavation by skilled operatives using hand methods, to certificated excavator operatives.

We carry out works to NRSWA standard and have our own trained supervisor and operatives.

We also carry out ”no dig” repair methods.

  • Drain lining – installation of a cured in place liner within a pipe.
  • Epoxy patch liner/localised repair to a section of pipe.
  • Pitch-fibre rerounding & lining

Works are undertaken in both domestic and commercial premises.

We carry out new installations of drainage from a small excavation to a complete system-rounding.

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