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Commonly you will be installing a soakaway to service a new or existing septic tank installation of a soakaway system. Preparation prevents poor performance and soakaway installation requires a little investigation and mathematics work to start with.

We will need to carry out a percolation test on the ground to establish the porosity of the soil. With this information and knowing the size of the tank, potential number of users, the average amount of liquid to be dispersed, we will be able to establish the size of the soakaway.

The most common type of soakaway is permeated pipe work surrounded in a filter media of clean chippings or similar. Generally laid in a 600mm wide trench, average depth around 1000mm and length dependant on percolation test.

There are different designs of soakaway or septic system including a herring bone system and a closed circuit system. Sometimes the soakaway system will be crated or installed as a large pit of the volume required and filled with filter media such as graded clean stone.



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