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CCTV Surveys

What is a CCTV survey?

A CCTV survey is when a small camera is placed into the drain and propelled along the pipework. Usually a recording is made onto DVD. They are often recommended or required if there is a suspected problem or defect or during a house purchase. A CCTV survey is undertaken to establish the condition and integrity of the pipework. It will be able to reveal the cause of any blockages and the location and extent of any problems within the drain.

What information do we get from the CCTV survey?

We will provide you with a DVD showing the recording made of the internal condition of the drain, a sketch of your drainage layout and a written report explaining the condition and integrity of the pipework. The CCTV survey report also details the size, material and duty of the pipework surveyed. Any defects found will be described along with recommendations on how they can be fixed. If problems are found we are happy to provide a free estimate for the remedial works. We hold backup copies of DVD recordings for up to 1 year.

What size & lengths of pipework are you able to survey?

We can inspect foul and surface water pipework from a diameter of 2″ (50mm) up to 12″ (300mm). Although not guaranteed, the pipework serving most domestic properties is 4″ or 6″ diameter. We can survey lengths up to 200m.




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